Friday, July 31, 2009


Edem Glover the creator of Inspiration aspires to keep his clientele encouraged through his stylish T-shirts. Knowing that to inspire others one must be inspired them self, this new line provides today’s youth with adages they can be enlightened by, draw strength from and share with others. Inspiration is designed to usher you into a realm of mental, emotional and spiritual fulfillment; it provides an omniscient sensation of relief and positivity. Whether you need to be reminded of your worth, reassured that all is not lost, or simply uplifted; Inspiration can get you through with quotes that minister to your every situation. The T-shirts feature several touching quotes on top of a variety of colors, exhibiting a classic, modest look. This cutting edge T-shirt line showcases comfortable and trendy apparel that embody the intellectual attribute of motivation. The creator strives to feed your mind with inspiration while maintaining an essence of urban simplicity. With these reasonably priced but powerful T-Shirts you will turn heads while encompassing their inspirational insight yourself.

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