Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wanna be startin' somethin.

Henry Fremin And I Are Sitting In The Room On A Tuesday Night Talking, Vibing and Making Plans To Take Over The World. Henry For The Past Few Days Has Had This Fascination With The Miley Cyrus Song "Party In The U.S.A." lol.Ok So I'm On Twitter When My Dude @Tattoosbylano Says Whats Good. He Tells Me How Hes Been Working With THE NEW BOYZ, YOUNG GUNZ, And Is About To Tour With CHRIS BROWN. Now Delano Has Been On His Tattoo Grind For A Good While Now And We Are Good Friends From High School. He Was One Of The First People I Told About inspiration and Believed In What I Wanted To Do. He Is A Person Who inspires Me Because He Is Younger Than Me By A Year Or 2 And Hes Making MAJOR Moves Without Letting Anyone Stop Him. Anyway Back To Henry And I. We Go From Talking To Sketching The Home Page Of The Website For inspiration. Just A Rough Draft Nothing Too Serious But You See We Are Working Over Here. Anyway Here A Few Pics Of Henry Sketching. We Also Set The Meeting Up For Development Of The Website For Saturday. WE ARE WORKING PEOPLE. BELIEVE THAT!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So The Day Your Mother Gave Birth To You Is One I Feel You Should Celebrate Each Year. My Birthday Was Oct. 21st And I Turned 20 Years Old. The Actual Day Was Very Laid Back I Was Just Glad To Be Able To See The Age Of 20 And Used It To Reflect On Things In My Life And Accept That I Need To Begin Working On My Future. Well I Had A Great Birthday And I Had A Very Special Person Make Me A Very Special Cake Which I Will Forever Remember. Well Here A Few Pics.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

back to the feature.

Just Thought I Would Remind You All.

things we do.

My Guy Jesh( And I Linked Up In The Summer And We Discussed Him Doing The Logo For inspiration. He Came Up With A Rough Sketch And It Was Cool But Hes Now Brought It To Life. I Like It, But I Do Feel That Maybe A Few Different Logos Could Work Also That Way I Would Be Able To Offer You All Different Looks. So This Is Phase 1 Of inspiration Logo. Dig? Dug? WE OUTCHEA!!!!

the check point.

So As I Stated Previously, The Two Sample Shirts From China Arrived This Week. What I Did Was I Went Around Campus Approaching Random People And Asking There Honest Opinion Of How The T-Shirts Felt Material Wise And If They Also Felt It Was Good Quality. For The Most Part Everybody Was Happy With The Sample. The Only Discrepancies People Had Were That: The Arm Length For The MEN's Shirt Was TOO SHORT And The Length Of The Men's Shirt Need To Be A Little Longer Also. Later That Evening I Had My Friend Kaelin Try On The Woman's Sample Shirt. Kaelin Usually Wears A SMALL Sized Shirt And The Sample Is A Medium. I Had My Other Friend Whitney Try On The Old inspiration Shirt In Medium To See The Difference. Whitney Is Wearing A Medium Version Of The Old inspiration Tee. We Came To The Conclusion That The Sample Tee Is Much Better Than The Old But You All Can Judge Yourself.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


So I Have Been Waiting On These Sample T-Shirts From China For A Good Minute Now And They Finally Arrived Today. In My Opinion The Quality Of The Materiel Is Excellent. My Roommate Also Said The Same Of The Materiel But I Will Get A Few More Opinions And See What People Say. The Arms Lengths On The Shirts Are Also Very Short And That Needs To Be Fixed ASAP. My Chinese Manufacturer Sent Me A Medium In Men's And Women And The Men's Medium Is More Like A SMALL So That ALSO Needs To Be Fixed. Continuous Set Backs But Perfection Takes Time As My Friend Elliot Tensley Reminded Me Last Night. Here A Few Pics The V-Necks Are For Girls And The Round For Men. Don't Hesitate To Leave Feedback Much Needed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

don't call it a come back.

Hello World. Wow Haven't Blogged In A Long Time But I Have A Good Reason. This Thing They Call College. Keeping Me Busy And Slowing "inspiration" Down. But Were About To Pick The Momentum Up Again And Get This Train Started Again. I Will Have A Few Updates Soon. Just Bear With Me People I'm Only One Man But Believe Me This Is My Dream And I Will Continue To Work To Get To The Top I Just Need Everyone's Support. Like I Said In The Intro. Hello World.