Monday, June 7, 2010


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boss town.

We Took A Trip To Federal Hill And We Did A Mini Photoshoot. My Brother Ryan Washington Was Behind The Camera. He Is Working On Getting His Photography Catalog Up And Im Supporting Him All The Way. He Will Be Doing The Next inspiration Photoshoot.Won't Give You A Date Just Now Because If I Do And Don't Follow Through People Will Be Mad Lol. But It Was A Great Day We Even Got To See A View Of Baltimore That Made Us All Fall In Love With The City We Despise So Much. We All Have Dreams Of Leaving This Place But On This Day We All Were Just Fine,In Boss Town.

If You Are Looking To Do A Photoshoot With Ryan You Should Contact Him Through His Facebook(!/mailman12)Serious Inquires Only.

season premiere.

It Has Been Around 4 Months Since I Updated The Blog. In That 4 Months Alot Of Things In My Life Have Changed Good And Bad. But Each Is A Valuable Lesson Nonetheless. With Great People Supporting Me, Providing Me With Positivity And Believing In What I Have Started I Believe In Time inspiration. Will Be Where It Belongs, At The Top.

Well I Have Received 6 Color Plain Tees From My Manufacturer And I Must Say Everyone I Have Shown Them To Has Been More Than Happy With The Quality. A Huge Step Up From The Last inspiration. Collection Of Summer 2009. So I Have Taken A Few Shots Of The Different Color Shirts And Also My Sister And Mum Wearing One Of The Girls T-Shirts.

The Plan Is To Pay For All The Shirts So The Manufacturer Can Send Them To Me And Hopefully Get Them Printed Here In Baltimore So I Can Start Selling And Distributing To Those Who Have Been Following. Believe Me This Hasn't Been An Easy Road But Im Starting To See The Light. Thank Everyone Who Has Been There For Me I Appreciate You All. No Matter What Happens, Your Still Blessed.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

coldest winter.

While I Was On Hiatus My Great Friend Kukui, Who Is From Hawaii Decided To Take A Few Photos Of Her Promoting inspiration. Shes Laying In Snow...A Hawaiian And Snow? Usually This Does Not Mix But She Made An Exception For Me And For That I Am Forever Grateful.

the forigen exhange.

So As You All Know I Have Been Trying To Get These T-Shirts Made Overseas. The Manufacturer And I Have Been Going Back And Fourth On The Measurements For The Shirts And I Feel We Have Come To Some Progression In This Process. Here A Few Pics Of What The Sample Female Tee Looks Like. Ladies Don't Worry The V-Neck Situation Will Be Fixed It Has To Be Lowered But Other Than That I Feel It Is A Good Showing Of What To Expect From inspiration. My Work Speaks For Itself And I Am Determined To Succeed.

still blessed.

I Have Taken Another Hiatus From My Blog For Awhile Now. Everything From School, To Trying To Work The Situation Out With T-Shirts And Family Issues...Pretty Much Life Had Me Stomped. But After A Friend Gave Me Some Much Needed Positive Advice, Im Back And I Won't Promise Frequent Updates But I Will Make An Effort. So While I Have Been Gone I Have Been Networking Via The Internet, Have Plenty Of Ideas For The Brand Going Into The Summer Of 2010. I See Alot Of My Peers Have Decided To Jump Into The Streetwear Clothing Business Because It Seems Like The Cool Thing To Do. The ONE Thing I Have Learned Is That This Right Here, Is HARD WORK And Not For The Faint Hearten. So To All If You Are Going Through Something Know That You Are Still Blessed And The Man Upstairs Will ALWAYS Be With You When You Call.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy New Year To Everyone. 2010 Is Here And Im Aiming To Make A Comeback. So To Start The New Year Off Right My Manufacturer Sent Me A Picture Of What The Tags Will Look Like On My Shirts. I Have To Say I Am Pretty Impressed With It. We Are Working Over Here People. 2010: The Year Of Progression.