Saturday, March 20, 2010

still blessed.

I Have Taken Another Hiatus From My Blog For Awhile Now. Everything From School, To Trying To Work The Situation Out With T-Shirts And Family Issues...Pretty Much Life Had Me Stomped. But After A Friend Gave Me Some Much Needed Positive Advice, Im Back And I Won't Promise Frequent Updates But I Will Make An Effort. So While I Have Been Gone I Have Been Networking Via The Internet, Have Plenty Of Ideas For The Brand Going Into The Summer Of 2010. I See Alot Of My Peers Have Decided To Jump Into The Streetwear Clothing Business Because It Seems Like The Cool Thing To Do. The ONE Thing I Have Learned Is That This Right Here, Is HARD WORK And Not For The Faint Hearten. So To All If You Are Going Through Something Know That You Are Still Blessed And The Man Upstairs Will ALWAYS Be With You When You Call.

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  1. Reading this post has really, truly, touched me. Unexpected things have happen in my life and sometimes I feel like God has given up, but reading this helped me realize that we all go through things (its life and sometimes test from God). How we handle them and the amount of faith we have and display is what gets us through those things.
    thank you