Monday, June 7, 2010

season premiere.

It Has Been Around 4 Months Since I Updated The Blog. In That 4 Months Alot Of Things In My Life Have Changed Good And Bad. But Each Is A Valuable Lesson Nonetheless. With Great People Supporting Me, Providing Me With Positivity And Believing In What I Have Started I Believe In Time inspiration. Will Be Where It Belongs, At The Top.

Well I Have Received 6 Color Plain Tees From My Manufacturer And I Must Say Everyone I Have Shown Them To Has Been More Than Happy With The Quality. A Huge Step Up From The Last inspiration. Collection Of Summer 2009. So I Have Taken A Few Shots Of The Different Color Shirts And Also My Sister And Mum Wearing One Of The Girls T-Shirts.

The Plan Is To Pay For All The Shirts So The Manufacturer Can Send Them To Me And Hopefully Get Them Printed Here In Baltimore So I Can Start Selling And Distributing To Those Who Have Been Following. Believe Me This Hasn't Been An Easy Road But Im Starting To See The Light. Thank Everyone Who Has Been There For Me I Appreciate You All. No Matter What Happens, Your Still Blessed.

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