Thursday, December 24, 2009

paying my dues.

So I Know I Have Not Been On My Blog Flow For Awhile Now With School And Other Distractions. But Im Here To Update. Well My Manufacturers And I Are Still Not Seeing Eye To Eye On Everything But We Are Working Out The Differences So Hopefully My Tees Can Arrive By The Time The New Year Reaches. I Have Alot Of Ideas I Want To Work On In 2010 And I Want To Expand The Brand "inspiration" Not Only With T-Shirts But Cardigans, Sweaters Few Other Items. I Spoke With My Good Friend Delano( Some Of You All Know Him As @Tattoosbylano On Twitter) In The Barbershop Today And He Gave Me Some Motivation. Hes Doing Alot Of Major Moves And He And I Will Definitely Link Up When The Time Is Right. Another Shoutout Goes To The Ali Sisters In Australia And My Homie Miriam(OhemaaMimi On Twitter)They Continue To Support Me And They Also Are Included In Some Of The Ideas I Have For Promotion. We Hopefully Will Have A Full Fledged Website By March 2010 So We Are Working Over Here. Please Stay With Me People. I Need The Support And Love.

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