Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the ali's.

Ever Since I Started "inspiration" I Get A Lot Of Facebook Friend Requests. So A Few Weeks Back This Fine Young Lady By The Name Of Zahra Ali Sends Me A Request And Tells Me My Tees Are "Dope". Then Before You Know It Her Sisters Add Me Too.(They Are All Fine By The Way=). Anyway They Have Been Very Nice And Really Big Fans Of The Movement. I Also Think They Would Be Great Models For inspiration. Im Aiming For October To have The Website Up And Running So They Can Purchase A Tee And Do A Photoshoot Down Under. It Would Be A Good Look...P.S. Lupe Fiasco If Your Reading This....I Think These 4 Sisters Might Be Your Biggest Fans They Are Willing To Argue Your Better Than The God MC...Jay