Friday, August 21, 2009

zach x inspiration.

My Guy Zach... We Been Friends Since High School and He Has Been Supporting The Movement Since Day One. When I First Started inspiration I Had 12 Shirts And I Had About 5 Colors. So When I First Posted The Pics Of My Shirts Up Zach Made Sure I Held One Purple Shirt For Him Since We Don't Go To The Same College. So When I Came Home From School I Sold Him That Purple One But I Found A Lime Green One And He Bought That Also. Yesterday Around 2am Zach Came Through At 2am And Copped The LAST Medium I Had. He Really Supporting The Movement For Real...Anyway I Should Have More Colors In The Next Few Weeks With NEW QUOTES. Im Making Progress I Just Need Everyone's Support. "inspiration"..."To Be Tested Is Good. The Challenged Life May Be The Best Therapist- Gail Sheeny"

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