Friday, August 7, 2009

help wanted.

So I Thought I Would Keep Everyone Updated On The Re-Occurring Problem I Seem To Be Facing. Everybody I Have Talked To Likes My T-Shirts. Thats A Given. Everybody Wants To See Me Succeed. A Few Haters But Not Too Many. Anyway The Problem Is That When I Talk To People Who I Think Are Website Savvy That Could Assist Me In Developing A Website They Are All Busy...I Guess I Can't Expect Everyone To Have Free Time But I Do Need Help So I Can Get This Off The Ground And Stop Selling Tees Out Of My House...smh...Hopefully I Can Have A Website Developed Before The End Of The Year That Seems Like A Reasonable & Realistic Goal.

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  1. ok, so like i think i can help with this. soooo which methods of payment can ppl use? you said smthg about PayPal & smthg else, i like don't remember lol. so anywhoooo, sign into PayPal--which i;m sure you have an account for--& click on Merchant Tools @ the top. you can make your own button at this point. once you're doen with that, it gives you an HTML code. come back to blogspot & click on Layout in your dashboard. click Add Page Element & select HTML/JavaScript--add the code you copied & save. & you're done. let me know if it works out.